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Perhaps you’re ready to “Quit Being a Jerk Magnet”?

Having a successful relationship can be a challenge for anyone. There is no one-size fits all relationship or relationship advice. There is, however, relationship advice that can help women find, and keep, a great relationship for which their heart is longing.

As odd as it may sound, if you want a good relationship the first person you have to worry about is YOU. Many women are looking for the wrong thing from a relationship and for the wrong reasons.

Of course, we all want to feel liked, loved, desired, and respected. However, far too many women don’t feel they have any worth unless they are in a romantic relationship, and that’s where BIG trouble starts.

You see it goes a little like this: a lonely, insecure woman who feels desperate for the love of a man will put off ‘desperate vibes’. The only kind of man she is going to attract is an insecure man who needs to control the women in his life so he can feel important. Chances are both will enter into a twisted co-dependent relationship, which, sadly, won’t be satisfying to either one.

If you’re looking for your soulmate, it is imperative you take a long hard, and possibly painful, look at yourself. You ARE good enough and worthy of a healthy relationship! However, until YOU realize your own worth, you will continue to attract Mr. McNightmare, be subject to some level of abuse whether verbal, emotional, or much worse, and will never really get the love you want and deserve.

The abuse in this type of situation is virtually guaranteed. You have to understand a decent, secure man (and YES, they do exist!!) will never be attracted to an insecure, desperate woman. So that only leaves the kind of men who don’t know any other way than to abuse women. YUCKO! Haven’t we all had enough of that??!!!

These jerks may not physically abuse the insecure woman, and it may not even be immediately evident, but the abuse WILL be there. The jerk will constantly make snide and hurtful comments about her looks, her weight, her cooking, her housekeeping, or her lovemaking… and THAT IS ABUSE. PERIOD! NEVER EVER EVER delude yourself to thinking anything but this stark realization!

After suffering from abuse over a period of time, women will usually have lower self esteem. Even if they break up with their partner, the cycle will continue. Unfortunately, it will probably be worse since her self esteem will be lower than before. Worse yet, she will be less trusting of herself and of future Mr. McDreamy!

You CAN nip this problem in the bud!

1) Just slow down, take some time to make sure YOU ARE the woman of YOUR dreams.
2) Make sure you are the type of woman you truly want to be, strong, confident, capable.
3) Enlist help to quit being a jerk magnet and step into your strong, confident self, find an awesome coach. You’ll get results 10 times faster than struggling on your own.

It may take time, but it will be time well invested. If you truly want to have a lifetime of love, happiness and fulfillment, you must make sure you are the kind of woman who ‘demands’ it. Not by stomping your feet or becoming a raving bitch, but by being strong, capable; and knowing you completely DESERVE the very BEST. (Because you really do deserve the BEST!) When you become this woman, then you will automatically attract the type of man who can bring more happiness to your life.

Even though it might not be what some women want to hear, I hope this relationship advice to quit being a jerk magnet is taken to your beautiful, feminine heart. I’ve seen the pattern above repeated in my own life, but I woke up and made the necessary changes so I would quit being a jerk magnet! As a result, I jettisoned the jerks, did my deep inner work, and then attracted my soulmate. I did better, and so can you!!!

Cheers to relationship success!

Kimberly A. Reid, MNLP, C.Ht.

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Couple-in-Love-PictureIf you’d like to find Mr. Right in 2016 and you’d like to have that experience of your Prince Charming, whatever that may be for you — tall dark and handsome, powerful, attractive, sexy, whatever kind of man you would really love in your heart of hearts to have in your life and to be able to enjoy the kind of relationship that you’re looking for where you go out to movies and go on vacations together and go out to dinner with your couple friends and all those great couple experiences…

Maybe you’ll even want to get married and have a family…

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Forgive yourself
How do you forgive yourself after so many mistakes?
After so many stops and starts at success?
How do you forgive yourself after a failed exam?
Or worse, after a failed marriage?
How about forgiving yourself after a bankruptcy or failing at business?

Life is FULL of pitfalls, isn’t it?  But how do we view these pitfalls?
How do we recover from them?

It’s easy to say, “Forgive yourself”, but so much harder to actually do!
Before we talk about “how”, let’s touch on something that we must understand first.

Forgive Yourself

  • We ALL make mistakes. Oftentimes, because of our actions, somebody gets hurt.
  • We Blame Ourselves – Taking 100% responsibility for our actions is actually the first lesson in success, BUT taking responsibility for others’ actions or taking too much responsibility for the outcome, well, that becomes co-dependency.
  • We’ve often been so focused on things outside us that we lose ourselves.  Been there, done that!

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Many people have a feeling of unworthiness, especially if they have been emotionally hurt. But, there is a BIG difference between feeling and the actual state. There is really nothing worse than the feeling of unworthiness.

Today, I want to share few easy to adapt ways that will help you make the essential shift.

how to undo the feeling of unworthiness
First of all recognize self-doubt and unworthy feelings are NOT beneficial… this yucky underlying unconscious part of you will consistently say “Don’t try it, don’t even think about it,” which limits the joy you can experience in your life.

Without wasting a single minute…its time to let it all go.

Follow these simple yet powerful tips to overcome the feeling of unworthiness. >>Read More

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Richard Bandler, the co-father of Neuro-Linguistic PrFear of Rejectionogramming who has extensively studied fears and the human mind says, we are only born with two fears… just 2…

  1. the fear of loud noises
  2. and the fear of falling.

Which means, most fears are LEARNED! Fortunately, these fears can be also be UN-learned by practicing a few simple steps.  Today, let’s focus on one common fear, the fear of rejection.

Rational or Irrational?
Learned fears are either rational or irrational.  Decide if your fear of rejection has a known root cause.  For example, I had a client who had a fear of dogs and it was negatively effecting her business.  When we began working together, she knew EXACTLY when her fear of dogs began:
age 4,
dog attack
and her grandma freaked out,
which caused my client to also freak out.
This became a rational fear for a 4 year old.   >>Read More


Many of us STRONGLY believe that weight loss is the answer to create more happiness in our lives and solve many of our problems and pitfalls we find in our lives.

You may have thought (like so many) when you lose weight, you will:
•    feel more positive about yourself and your life,
•    have a better chance of meeting your soul mate or improve your current relationship;
•    be more successful in your career;
•    have more / better friends;
•    be more loved and feel less rejected.

Weight loss

For a lot of people, weight loss or, rather being thin, is the right and only way to get all the best things in life.  Can this be true?  Is dropping 5, 10, 20 or even 50 pounds really the bridge to the promised land?

NO! HELL NO!   >>Read More


You can’t work,
You can’t talk to anyone,
You can’t think in a positive way and
The worst part – nobody understands what’s wrong with you?

Get real and practical –
Eliminate your fear with easeIf you find yourself questioning if you can ever rid yourself of the nagging fears you’ve had for years, it’s time to get real and practical! Rome wasn’t built in a day and having the expectation of ridding yourself of every fear and worry isn’t going to happen in a single day, either. So reality check #1, accept the process of personal development as a way of life and start enjoying the journey.

After acceptance, decide of which fear or worry you want to rid yourself; pick only one; yes, just one! What wakes you up at night or keeps you from falling asleep? Which one affects your career or business most?   >>Read More


You can’t work,
You can’t talk to anyone,
You can’t think in a positive way and
The worst part – nobody understands what’s wrong with you?

These particular feelings can be disheartening; they may stop you from living the happy life you really want.

Eliminate_your_fear_anxietyWhatever scares you, here are a few simple ways to help you cope with the fear, anxiety and worries:

Deep Breath –
Believe it or not, breath work is as old as human kind. In the Old Testament, God breathed into Adam the “breath of life”. I think about this often… such a powerful statement. Each breath we take gives life. The kind of breath we utilize makes the big difference.  When you’re stressed, you tend to use short, shallow breaths. Conversely, when you’re more relaxed or sleeping, you tend to breathe more deeply and slowly.   >>Read More

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You’ve heard it time and time again, stress will ruin your health!  But, is this really true?

YES, IT IS!  Stress changes the rhythm of the mind, body and spirit; and not for the better I might add!

stress ruining your healthIn today’s modern life, we are filled with pressure like:

  • crushing workloads
  • deadlines
  • everyday relating with colleagues, friends and family
  • people who cause drama and backstab
  • technology changing constantly
  • customer expectations
  • trying to do more with less
  • finances
  • and MORE!

Because of these stressors, your health is severely at stake.  But there is a solution for every problem… Here are four simple steps you can take to reduce stress and ENJOY your life more:

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